About Rastamama

Rastamama is an internationally acclaimed dreadlocks specialist for all hair types.

Edina the founder of Rastamama

Edina is the founder of Rastamama Locs and has been a loctician for over 20 years.
Born and raised in Hungary, where there is quite a big interest in locs and other popular hairstyles.
Edina started her loc journey in 2001 when she was doing hair for her friends, family and worked in music festivals where she gained many skills over the years and even created her own techniques.

With all the years of learning and embracing different hair types and styles, she became a professional natural hair stylist, hair care specialist and a loctician.
Edina opened her first salon in 2015 in Catford-Lewisham which is based in South East London. For years now, Edina has trained other hairstylists with her special techniques on how to handle, care and style natural hair and dreadlocks.

This has led them to having their own professional business locally and Internationally. She has been recognised and honoured for her work over the years. With a extensive client list including many U.K artists who Trust and respect her.

And with that, Rastamama has become one of the best locticians in London UK. Keep in the loop and sign up to the mailing list for exclusive offers, discounts and the launch of our new hair care products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Clem campbell

Took ages to complete, much longer than we expected because of my long hair, yet Edina was brilliant throughout and did a great job. 10/10

C Davis
The best loctitian

It might be 10 years ago that Edina first done my locs and I'm pleased to be back with her.
She's the only one that has advised me on my thinning locs and will be repairing them.
I don't feel no pain when she does my retwist. Edina has a pleasant, friendly manner.

Great results

I have been having my locs redone by Rastamama since April 2019, every I am 100% happy with the results . She is very professional and knows exactly how to get the best results. I have been to quite a few locticians over the years and she is dedinetly the best!!!!


Will be returning soon for a retwist. The service was great, I got barrel twists and they came out clean and tidy. Overall excellent experience would highly recommend.

Top service!

I've been going to Rasta mama for a while now. Such a great service everytime. Attention to detail is second to none.
If your looking to start your journey or a Re twist don't look any further you will not be disappointed.